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You may use the same address for suggestions for this website, or to offer blog ideas. Or for crockpot recipes; restaurant suggestions in Dayton, OH and/or Lincoln, NE if you’re eating there in the early 2000’s; quilting tips; a rant on how much Erin doesn’t like yardwork; why Black Friday shopping should start at 4:00 AM not Thanksgiving evening; how not to potty train a puppy; reasons why Macs are better than PCs which are all based on wanting to look cooler; strong opinions on hybrid writing; a lively discussion on uses for canned pumpkin; suggestions on how to name a pet, and why you should always get a dog before a hamster; a list of her top ten favorite books of all time in no particular order; a top ten list of people who probably don’t like her and the top ten list of people who think she’s awesome (#1: her mom); to cry about how difficult it is to publish a novel right now; to talk about how awesome and hard it is to write fiction, and what a treat it is to get to go it every day.

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