What I’m reading: Xhenet Aliu’s Domesticated Wild Things

“The Filipino palm reader told my friend that she needed to wear jade on her pinkie to attract money. Then the palm reader said, You no find true love long time. My friend laughed at first, but then her boyfriend stopped calling, saying he was sick, down a week straight with body aches and laryngitis. He was lying, but it was true at least that he couldn’t speak loud enough for me to make out any words when we ran into him at the R Bar on night seven. We walked in wearing mod dresses for the mod dance party happening later that night, and when he recognized her through the eyelashes and frosted lip gloss he blew her a kiss and bought us shots of Mandatory Evacuations, Katrina having made the Hurricane a drink locals no longer wanted to swallow. I was thinking, I shouldn’t accept this, she’s going to remember it as a nice thing he did for her and she’ll think of that nice thing as evidence, now in support of and later against him.”


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