What I’m reading

“In all honesty, even before her problems with memory, she’s always been a difficult woman to tolerate. She’s often too forward, too quick to comment on other peoples’ flaws. If she’s in a public place and she sees someone she considers too thin, too fat, too overdressed, too–you fill in the blank–she makes no effort to hide her disapproval. ‘Look at that,’ she’ll say in a too-loud voice. ‘What a sight.’ Privacy, which she values so much for herself, doesn’t seem to be a concern when she speaks of others. Even her own family isn’t safe. She once told a near stranger that her brother-in-law’s testicals had swollen to the size of grapefruits. Another time, on an Amtrak train, she announced that Deb was in the lavatory ‘washing her privates.'”


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