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“Judith realized that her room didn’t feel like her room, or her bed her bed, or really, when she thought about it, her life her life. She couldn’t keep herself from thinking about Nebraska. She confessed this to her friend Annalisa Williams, who stared at her for a few seconds and then said, ‘I refuse to take this seriously.’ But Nebraska was where Judith’s mind kept drifting. Nebraska was where her father grew tomatoes and baked bread and kept a gun in his glove compartment, it was where teenagers put roofs on barns and installed appliances in basements, and it was where she’d driven a car down dirt roads and drunk coffee and refinished furniture and learned what to expect next in La Traviata, and it was where a brown-armed roofer had called her dangerous. It was where, without meaning to, she’d gotten one foot into adulthood.”

–Tom McNeal, To Be Sung Underwater

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