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“There is nothing, for good or for evil, of which a person is incapable. That was his response when we learned that one of my mother’s cousins, a pious Catholic, had had an affair with the sixteen-year-old babysitter. My mother couldn’t get over it: That’s just not like Walter, she said again and again. My father thought that was a mistake. He seemed to think anyone was capable of anything, or at least he wouldn’t exclude the possibility just because he thought he knew the person. And he insisted that this did not represent the worldview of an embittered pessimist. On the contrary, he said. It would be much worse to expect good from other people, only to be disappointed when they didn’t measure up to our high expectations. That would lead to resentment and contempt for humanity.”

– Jan-Phillip Sendker, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

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