Upcoming Thurber House class

I’m teaching a class at Thurber House in Columbus next Monday, April 27, from 6:00-8:00p. The slogan of Thurber House is “Where laughter, learning, and literature meet.” Dude, those are three of my favorite things!

The topic of the class is “Building a Story from the Ground Up,” and here’s the description: You have great characters and a great idea, but how do you set them both in motion and keep the momentum going in a short story? You’ll learn about strategies to avoid common pitfalls in a story’s beginning, middle, and the ever-crucial end.

If interested, there are still a few spots open and you can register here. If this isn’t your bag or you’re not free at this time, be sure to check out the other great workshops they have going on, along with other literary events. 

Can’t wait!

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