Two upcoming readings

Don’t forget that Sharon Short is giving a reading at Wright State this Tuesday, October 15, at 11:00a in the Millett Hall Atrium. She’s also coming to talk to my advanced fiction writing class earlier that day about the writing behind writing, ie, pre-writing, character development, plot arc, etc. I can’t get enough of hearing how other people go about writing, so I think this is going to be awesome. Plus my students won’t have to listen to me for a day so I’m sure we’re all thinking it’s going to be a win-win.

And later this month, the creative writing programs is sponsoring a horror reading with Tim Waggoner, Lucy A. Snyder, and Gary A. Braunbeck on Wednesday, October 23 at 4:00p in the Pathfinder Lounge, Student Union.

This second makes me nervous because, one time when I was nineteen, the fraternity of boys I liked (yes, I  like the whole fraternity of them!) sponsored a haunted house and I got so scared going through it that I farted, and then that was so awful that all the guys dressed as zombies and serial killers broke character and were like, “who farted? Jesus. I have to take off this mask.” It was terrible, and traumatic, and ever since then I’ve tried to avoid most scary things, not because I don’t enjoy them but because I take my fear-reaction to another level.

You should come and see what happens!

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