Two more writing friends

Since I posted a picture recently of Mavis, I thought for fairness’s sake I’d better include one of Mickey and Belle. Mickey’s the black cat and Belle is the gray.


The office manager in my department is one of the greatest women I know. She’s funny, smart, an avid animal lover, and someone I’ve always wanted to know better. When she told me she’d found two infant strays living in a flowerpot near her house, I told her I might be interested in adopting them. It’s embarrassing to think I took on a sixteen-year commitment because I wanted Leanne to like me and have something to talk to her about, but there you go.

They ended up being a great addition to the family. An avid dog person, I’m shocked how much personality they have, something I mean as a compliment but that incenses my cat-person friends. Mickey’s all cool and bruiser-like (and will guard the shit out of an Ann Taylor return, as you see above) while Belle is a small, neurotic mess (although looks very calm in the pic above. I wonder if she found my klonopin).

More cats are moving into this house soon so expect more pics, or at least outtakes of the turf war.

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