Three super-fun guest blog posts

Marshal Zeringue is running three of the most fun blogs on the internet that author’s can contribute to. One is Coffee with a Canines you’re invited to take an interview with your dog(s). Another is “My Book, My Movie,” with the opportunity to cast your book for film. And the third is the “Page-69 Test,” where the author looks at the 69th page of their book and see if they think it’s representative of something larger in the story. I had a blast! For Coffee with Canines, I sat down with Lorna and Mavis (complete with a photo shoot!), who are happy to let me pay their rent. For Movie, I cast Jenny Slate, Bill Hader, Elsie Fisher, and Frances McDormand, but you’ll have to click through to see which book I’m talking about. And finally, I passed the 69th page test with flying colors! I was actually surprised (and quite pleased) to see how much the themes in Blackout came through. Thanks to Marshal for these fun contributions!

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