The Writer

My friend Glen shared the poem “The Writer” by Richard Wilbur with me the other day and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Here’s to all of us clearing the sill of the world.


  1. Mary Dornbusch says:

    Hi Erin,
    I love following your blog and fine so may thinks that you post touches compartments in my life.

    …the poem and forwarded it to two of my sisters who have teenage daughters
    …the family stories and especially I hear your Dad’s voice as I read them
    I have yet to have him tell us the Johnny Cash tale
    …the friend’s quote about his mom refusing to buy stuff because it just gets used

    Cora in the germ pit ball crawl was a hoot. My kids spent their fair share of time delighting in diving in those gross things.

    Thanks for letting me peek in on your thoughts. M

  2. erin flanagan says:

    Mary, thanks so much for your comment! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog – that made my day. I hope to see you in WI this summer and hear some of your stories!

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