Thanks, BookTrib

Thanks to BookTrib for featuring my book this week! You can enter to win a free copy so you should get right on that. They also have live chats with various authors, great reviews, tons of blog posts by their authors and others. Please check it out when you get a chance.

In other news, I found a note to myself in my phone that said, “I’m going to fuss your butt!” I’d totally forgotten about this. I’d overheard it at the zoo–it was a mom talking to her little boy–and thought it was a great line of dialogue. After I typed it I showed Barry and he said, “that’s now what she said.” I don’t remember now the correct line but it couldn’t have been as good.

Another gem buried in my phone: “story about a woman who finds a baby in her attic.” What the hell.



  1. Renae says:

    Oh goodness, that last line has me laughing days after I first read it.

  2. erin flanagan says:

    Ha! That makes me want to write the story now.

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