Short story popularity

There was an interesting article this past week in The New York Times about the rise in short story popularity thanks to the internet. I attribute the rise to the internet and the fact short stories are awesome.

I’m particularly intrigued by what Tom Perrotta said about editing Best American Short Stories 2012:

“‘I felt like the story form had to loosen up some,’ he said. ‘And I was intrigued by the fact that a number of the stories felt novelistic — they were not 20 pages, but 40, and had shifting points of view and complicated structures.'”

I haven’t gotten to the 2012 edition yet but noticed this in the 2011. I like these complicated stories a lot as a reader and writer, but as a teacher, I’m not sure what to do. In an intro class, do you think it’s better to jump in with the contemporary, more complicated story, or stick with a more traditional narrative to teach the basics of craft?

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