I totally would have gone out with Paul, too

When I was a kid, I used to be a night owl, something that shocks the friends I’ve made later in life. That I use terms like “later in life”–that right there is why they’re shocked. They know I’m just white-knuckling it to the senior discount and when it will be acceptable to talk about all my ailments over lunch–“the organ recital,” as Barry likes to call it.

But back when I was a youngster, I’d stay up late and watch David Letterman every night. I thought this was the funniest show going. This was back when Dave’s hair was still a mess and he hadn’t yet had a heart attack and he wore those god awful white tennies with khaki pants all the time. I would stay up each night and watch the show, judging how funny the guests were and how I could do better. I didn’t have any idea what I was going to be on Letterman for, but I had a sense I’d be super hilarious and charming, and even though it was inappropriate because of our age difference, maybe Dave would ask me out on a date. (I went on later to similar hopes about Morrissey which should give you an idea how misguided and pathetic my teen years were.) I was convinced I’d end up famous somehow and this would be my media outlet, so imagine my surprise all these years later to find myself on NPR.

For what, you might ask? Your new book? Your teaching? Just being funny and charming like you hoped? None of the above, but for welcoming people to the Fifth Street Brewpub, only the second co-op brewpub in the country and a pretty awesome venture. You can listen to me here. I’m not sure how this ended up on the air since I mispronounced “membership” and it sounds like “member-sheet” (or worse), but maybe that’s a thing? You can get your member-sheet in the back? I don’t know.

But kudos to the brew pub which just passed 2,000 members this past weekend. Here are Brian Young and Maureen Barry, two of the masterminds behind this venture:


Photo courtesy of Eric Risher, Reinvention Stories/WYSO

If you are interested in becoming a part owner, sign up now. Who knows where it might take you.

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