I could win a major cash prize!

One of my favorite games in the world is Boot Camp Bingo. Noeleen, a bootcamp regular and semi-sergeant, came up with the game two years ago based on all our terrible habits. Deborah can’t make it through a session without going to the bathroom; someone always thinks they have a valid excuse for being late; someone is always shouting out “motherfucker.”


Those who win get their prize for the day (as do those who don’t, as long as they did their work), which is “the chance to win a major cash prize!” ie, a lottery ticket.

It’s amazing what we have to do to make writing fun.


  1. Dr. No says:

    I’m on the internet!

    Glad you liked it.

  2. erin flanagan says:

    Yay! Finally a board game I can help a neighbor win by farting!

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