Guest on the Book Cougars podcast

I was so dang excited to be talking about Come with Me as guest on the Book Cougars podcast along with one of my bestie’s, Katrina Kittle! The Cougars, Emily and Chris, are absolute delights and I would read about anything they recommend (the qualifier of “about” is because my goodness, I could not keep up with these two ladies). If you haven’t followed them yet, I strongly recommend you do, and you can catch our episode here. And doing a podcast with Katrina was an absolute treat. Her new book, Morning in this Broken World, is already one of my faves for 2023 (don’t be jealous, but I got an advanced copy!). It releases on September 1, and is available for FREE this month to prime members through Amazon First Reads. Between the podcast and this book, I have just set you up for a perfect weekend!

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