Good news

I’ve had two stories taken recently. “The Baby” will be published in Permafrost in Winter 2015 and “The Days of Eggs” will be out in Autumn 2015 in The Southern Review. I’m super excited about these stories because in both I’m trying something new to me. “The Baby” is somewhat of a horror story about a woman who finds a baby in the attic and, in the course of the day, the baby grows to an adult woman. “Eggs” uses points-of-view from two neighbors perspectives, which is two times the perspectives I usually have.

It’s funny to hear students say sometimes that they always write this kind of story or that kind of story. I want to say, oh friend, you have no idea how much your going to change as a writer over the years. I admire how firmly they believe in who they are but know you’re never so confident or wrong in this assessment as when you’re twenty.

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