Give to Lincoln Day

May 16 is “Give to Lincoln Day” to support nonprofits in Lincoln, Nebraska. As they say on their website, this is “your chance to make a real impact on Lincoln’s quality of life. . . . Every donation you make on May 16th helps your favorite charities even more because they will also receive a proportional share of our $200,000 challenge match pool”.

It’s like free money for a good cause!

If you get a chance, please consider giving to the organization of your choice, and I’ll make a special shout out for the Friends of the University of Nebraska Press.

It makes me wish Duffy’s Tavern, one of my favorite hangouts as a grad and undergrad student at UNL, was a non-profit. They serve mixed drinks in fishbowls, I kid you not. Here’s a list of the options, because it’s such a good idea to drink a Jack and Coke bigger than your head. Back in the day we’d order these as a group, hover around the extra long straws like a school of piranhas, and see how fast we could drink them. Our record was three minutes. The same amount of time it takes to empty a dishwasher.

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