CWM Review in Bookreporter

There’s nothing quite so great as a reviewer who absolutely sees what you’re trying to do. Bookreporter calls CWM “a white-knuckle psychological thriller of the highest order” and ends the review with this: “If it sounds like you’ve read this tale of obsessive relationships before, you will be pleasantly surprised at where Flanagan takes the story. Readers will firmly root for Gwen, even when the situation seems too bleak for her. COME WITH ME is a memorable read with characters you will not easily shake and an unsettling storyline that will have you looking over your shoulder as you turn the pages.” I love that quote so much! I realize this is not the first book ever about toxic female friendships–I mean, hardly!–but I do hope I’ve added something new to the genre with my complicated characters, and a nod to the upside of these disastrous tales. Thanks so much Ray Palen for this review!

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