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Books on sale for $1.99 for e-readers!

My grandmother used to love a good deal and was upset when coffee prices rose to fifty cents a cup, but I think even she would approve of a book on sale for only $1.99.

Both my titles are available for all e-readers this month for that low, low price each, so grab your copies, peace out to Grandma, and settle in for some short story love.



Review: There’s Something I Want You To Do

I have a new review up at Heavy Feather Review of Charles Baxter’s There’s Something I Want You To Do, a new collection of stories.


I didn’t say this in the review, but it’s not my favorite cover in the world, mainly because I kept setting it on the coffee table and then wouldn’t be able to find it. Other than that, I really liked it. At this point Charles Baxter could write a grocery list and I’d want to read it.

Anne Valente came to town

Anne Valente came to Wright State for a reading this past Wednesday, and by god, she was as charming as her fiction. I love it when I like writers as much as I like their writing. She was gracious with her time, attentive to students and their questions, and read with authority and grace.




She lives in Cincinnati and I hope we keep in touch. What a treat to keep meeting such awesome local authors.

Huge thanks to Jane Blakelock for the wonderful pics!


Writers love food

I got together with some girlfriends to write at a friend’s house. This is what she served us for lunch:


In case you can’t see all the gloriousness, it’s chicken salad and pita, guacamole and crackers, roasted broccoli/onions/carrots, edamame, perogies, and three kinds of cookies.

This might be the happiest I’ve ever been writing.

New book review – Becky Adnot-Haynes, The Year of Perfect Happines

I have a new book review up at Heavy Feather Review of Adnot-Haynes’s book The Year of Perfect Happiness.

As I say at the end, by chance this is the second book I’ve reviewed recently from a creative writing graduate of the University of Cincinnati. There is exciting work coming out of that program!

Thanks to Heavy Feather Review for letting me review for them! I’m super pleased to be in such good company.

Two great writers you’ll want to read

I could not be more excited to update you on the going-ons of my former students. My chest is bursting with as much pride as my pants are from all the holiday eating.

James Brubaker’s story collection Linear Notes was published in 2014, and his second, Black Magic Death Spheres: (Science) Fictions, won the 2014 Pressgang Prize and will be published this year. You can read an interview with James here.


Ryan Ireland’s first novel, Beyond the Horizon, will drop this spring and he’ll have a book launch at Books & Co at the Greene on April 16, 7:00. You can read an interview with Ryan here.


These dudes are killin’ it!

Some great readings

Anne Valente is coming to Wright State for a reading next semester and I couldn’t be more excited. Her first book By Light We Knew Our Names is full of fun and inventive stories. You can read my review of it over at Heavy Feather Review.


She’ll be reading on campus at 6:00, Wednesday, January 21 at the Stein Gallery in the Creative Arts Center building. Mark your calendars!

Review, Ladette Randolph’s Leaving the Pink House

I have a book review up at Heavy Feather Review of Ladette Randolph’s wonderful memoir Leaving the Pink House. If you haven’t read her work, you’re missing out, and if you have, this is as good as her fiction. I’m thinking I might use this in my Writing Creative Nonfiction class this summer.

And for those of you unfamiliar with Heavy Feather Review, it’s an Ohio-based journal that takes submissions from around the world. It is a labor of love founded and run by Jason Teal and Nathan Floom, two guys I greatly admire and who appear to have endless energy for writers and writing. Check it out here!


Review in GHLL

A big thanks to Adam Brooke Davis for the review of It’s Not Going to Kill You, and Other Stories in Green Hills Literary Lantern. He writes, “There are numerous worthy currents in the class stream of the distinctively American short story. One of them, the best in my view, is the modest rumination, carried out through close observation, in unpretentious prose, of worthwhile people in ordinary circumstances. Flanagan fishes in that stream; she has he eye and intuition to plop her float easily and naturally where things are moving in the depths.”

You can read the full review here.

Ohioana Book Festival recap

I had a great time at the Ohioana Book Festival! It was wonderful to see so many writers and readers come out on a rainy Saturday, although it is one of those hobbies–reading–that lends itself to bad weather.


The panel on Short Stories went well, in big part because Lucy Snyder and Tom Barlow were so great. The rest of the day I spent next to Danny Hoey, one of my new favorite people. His first novel, The Butterfly Lady, is on my nightstand right now so look for it soon in the What I’m Reading updates!