AWW LitSalon, February 9, 4:00-7:00p

The Antioch Writers’ Workshop is hosting another LitSalon for Valentine’s Day with romance author, Donna MacMeans. She writes sexy stuff, and it will be in a sexy location (Blush Photography studios!), and my guess is there will be some sexy snacks, or at least wine, the sexiest of all if you drink enough.

Years ago my friends and I hosted a Sexy/Whiskey Party where the theme was to dress sexy and drink whiskey. It was kind of brilliant in its simplicity. We had lots of phallic foods like pretzel rods and carrot sticks, but the real find was a can of “rough and ragged” peaches, which were so suggestive I couldn’t look them in the eye-fruit. Those peaches were like a porn movie crossed with the Harry and David catalog, which always has some suspect photographs of spiraled ham. (I have to link to it; I can’t even put that picture on this family-friendly blog.) I’m hopeful the LitSalon will keep it a little classier than that.

For more information, check out the AWW website!

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