Antioch Writers’ Workshop starts tonight!

I’ve been busy the last week or so reading manuscripts for AWW, getting ready for my afternoon workshop. I’m delighted to say the stories are fantastic, and I’m excited to meet the authors who appear to be super cool and insightful and funny. I will have to remind myself the first day that I don’t actually know these people yet, although I feel like I do since they’ve let me in on their fiction. Reading through these stories left me shaking my head once again over how lucky I am that I get to talk about fiction writing with interested people for a living.

Tonight we have a dessert and wine reception followed by Andre Dubus’s reading, and then tomorrow the workshop crazy starts for non-stop action through Friday. I’ve put a lasagna in the freezer and told my husband to pretend like I’m out of town for the week.

There are a slew of free readings, so if you’re in the area, check them out and get in on the madness. Here’s a link to the schedule. Hope to see you there!

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