Antioch Writers’ Workshop – Dinty W. Moore

I’ve never met Dinty W. Moore before this week. He’s funny and smart and quick. Here are some para-phrased highlights from one of his craft talks at AWW:

  • Creative Nonfiction is “truth, artfully arranged.”
  • there are three main categories of CNF: memoir (writing about an event or events in your past), literary journalism (writing that focuses outward on an event or person) and personal essay (the action of which isn’t not so much what happens but the drama of the narrator’s thinking).
  • What happens to the writer doesn’t matter. It’s the sense the writer can make of it (this was para-phrased another degree from Vivian Gornick.
  • The writer’s only pledge is that she do her darndest to tell the events correctly and honestly, to fact check what she can, to recreate the fabric and texture as best she can.
  • The more you remember, the more you remember.
  • “You know when you’re lying.”


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