Alice Munro retiring

Alice Munro said in a recent interview with The New York Times that she’s retiring for good now, not like in 2006 when she was clearly just bluffing. I’m not sure how you retire from writing but I’m willing to concede writing (and everything else) is something Alice Munro knows a heck of a lot more about than me.

Everyone talks about Munro as a “writer’s writer,” and while she’ a writer I love, I’m embarrassed how little of her work I’ve actually read. In the interview she talks about how people say her stories are like “novels in miniature,” responding, “We can do without that word ‘miniature.'” I like to think her stories read like novels in that, by the end, I have the same sense of fullness, so reading a collection of hers straight through, even over a week, just feels like gluttony. Plus, there’s just so much damn much of it. It reminds me of a t-shirt I saw in Boston years ago that read “Stop Joyce Carol Oates.” I love the idea of someone wearing that shirt as an honest plea, telling Joyce, “for the love of god, I just can’t keep up!”

Any favorite Alice Munro stories or collections you’d recommend?

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