More animal friends

Mohandas is one of the cats that moved in recently, making the house feel like it’s suffering an infestation of hair, cuteness, and indifference. Mohandas is a very loving and adventurous cat but can be somewhat of a bruiser. He and Mickey are having it out for alpha cat right now, and with his claws, Mohandas is winning. The essence of Mohandas is this: in the morning, he comes right on your lap, puts his front paws on your shoulder and gives you a hug with an accompanying purr like a motorboat. All is great until he digs in the claws, still affectionate, still purring, but now looking you in the face like, how about that?

Here he is as I try to work this morning, reading over the corner of my laptop, a disapproving look on his face.


Everyone’s a critic.

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